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TEAM FEES FOR 2023-2024

Fees per Age Group:

  • Year fee of $3200 for age groups 2025-2029

  • Year fee of $2850 for age groups 2030-2031

  • Year fee of $1800 for age groups 2032-2034

         * The Yearly fee can be broken up into payments that recur during the year


What is Included in the Yearly Fee:

  • ​Full Fall Season

    • 12 team practices​

    • 3 Top Tournaments (2025-2031 age groups)

    • 2-3 local tournaments (2032-2034 age groups)

    • Free Clinics with Nadine Hadnagy

    • Free Recruiting Services

  • Full Summer Season​

    • 12 team practices​

    • 4 Top Tournaments (2025-2031 age groups)

    • 3-4 local tournaments (2032-2034 age groups)

    • Free Clinics with Nadine Hadnagy

    • Discounted camps with top college players and coaches

    • Free Recruiting Services

  • Additional​

    • Spring practices for Elementary and Middle School age groups ​

    • Free subscription to KO17 app by Kylie Ohlmiller

    • Free subscription to Shake School Services

    • Free subscription to TeamSnap (communication mode for teams)

    • Additional Winter opportunities- clinics on stickwork, shooting, footwork, etc

    • Top Quality coaching on each team

    • Exclusive Recruiting Services

    • Exclusive connections with college players and coaches

    • Exclusive access to top tournaments 

    • Free access to ConnectLax and Sports Recruits platforms for recruiting


  • 50% Discounts are given to TEAM PARENT: each team has assigned parents who are dedicated to organizing team dinners, tailgates, hotel information etc. 

  • FEES also Covers: Entry Fees for Players to attend tournaments, Club/Coaches Equipment (cages, balls, cones, special items), Field Fees, Coaches Fees, Admin Fees, Website Fees, and etc.

  • If a player falls behind on payments, they will be withheld from participation until payments are caught up.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Who will be coaching my daughter?

    • Each team will be staffed with a head coach and an assistant coach. Each of our coaches has been carefully selected to be sure they will be knowledgeable, supportive, and encouraging of their players. At Yellow Jackets, we have access to some of the best coaches in the area. Some of our coaches are local High School coaches, some are local referees, and some are top notch college players that now live in the area. The wide variety of experience and perspective are what keeps the YJMA coaching staff well rounded and highly competitive.​

  • Does YJMA conflict with School Sports or Rec Sports in the Fall/Spring?​

    • We do our best to not conflict with any high school or rec sports in the fall and spring. We understand our athletes may participate in other sports or activities at school, and we try to be as accommodating as possible. At YJMA, ​we want our players to be well rounded people, so we encourage their participation in other school and rec activities. While conflicts can sometimes occur, we try our hardest to curate schedules for each team that allow each player to participate in whatever she chooses.

  • Are YJMA practices mandatory?​

    • Yes, YJMA practices are mandatory. We expect every player to attend practice to increase team bonding, team development, and overall growth. It is hard to improve if you do not practice! With that being said, we do understand that other commitments exist, and players may not be able to attend every practice. This especially rings true during the fall season, when our athletes may be playing other sports for their High School. We work hard to accommodate these schedules, and expect that when a player cannot attend a practice, they work in their own time to make up for the missed practice.​ We also communicate that several missed practices may result in decreased playing time at tournaments.

  • When do the different seasons start and end?​

    • Fall season typically starts up in September, the week after Labor Day. Fall season is over in November, typically the week before Thanksgiving.​

    • Summer season typically starts up mid-May, with an off period for Memorial day. Summer season is over in mid July with tryouts for the next season shortly after the last tournament.

    • Winter activities will be offered throughout December, January, and early February

    • Spring practices for elementary and middle school age teams will begin in late February/early March (weather permitting) and will continue into the summer season start in May.

  • Will practice be on in extreme weather conditions?​

    • With the exception of thunder and lightning, we try to keep practice going. This is simply because tournaments will play through different weather conditions as rescheduling these events is very difficult. We will practice in order to prepare for the off chance tournaments are held in rain, wind, cold, or hot temperatures. ​

  • How can I see my team's schedule and communicate with the team as a whole?​

    • We use TeamSnap at YJMA to organize each team. In TeamSnap, you can communicate with other people on the team, with the whole team, and with the coaches. You can also see your practice and tournament schedules, as well as the roster. TeamSnap subscription is included in YJ dues.​

  • Can I use YJ coaches for private lessons?​

    • ABSOLUTELY! Most of our coaches provide private lessons for individual players or small groups of players in their free time. Cost may vary by coach or by amount of players, so reach out to your coach or to Audrey Hoeg if you would like to inquire about lessons. We have coaches that specialize in all positions, including goalie trainers.​

  • Where do YJMA teams practice?​

    • We use a variety of locations to maximize field space for each team. Each coaching staff should choose a practice location that is suitable for all players. Practice location will be solidified at the beginning of each year, and will remain constant until the next year. Locations we have used previously or are continuing to use now are: South County High School, Great Falls Nike Park, Gainesville High School, Vint Hill Fields, Battlefield High School, and Brentsville High School. Clinics and Camps will be hosted at these locations as well.​

  • Can I get a refund?​

    • Refunds are certainly possible at YJMA, but are determined on a case by case basis. Injuries, and family emergencies may be subject to a refund. Most cases will require payment for the time period the player participated in, but either a stoppage of charges or refund for the time period they will not be participating in. EX: Player participates in the fall season, gets hurt during the spring, and can no longer play in the summer. Player will not receive a refund for the fall, but may receive a refund for the summer. Choosing to discontinue play may not be subject to a refund. If you believe you need a refund, contact Audrey Hoeg.

  • Can I only pay for certain seasons or tournaments?​

    • o. The yearly fee is the yearly fee regardless of how much your player plans to participate in. We do not offer partial payments for seasons or tournaments.​


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