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Boston College Players at our Tryouts/Clinic July 14, 2021


Yellow Jackets provides players of all ages and skill levels a positive and fostering atmosphere to create a TRUE passion for the game. Our passionate coaches educate players on developing proper skills needed to advance their playing level.


We support players through their lacrosse progression in a POSITIVE, WORK-HARD and HAVE FUN Environment!  


The Yellow Jackets Nation brings the top coaching, tournaments, clinics, partnerships, recruiting and elite showcase events infrastructure in the country, which is the perfect match for the top players in Northern Virginia. Combined with all the resources and opportunities the Yellow Jackets provides players. There is no other local program that will help support players in reaching their highest level of performance and along with having a positive amazing life-changing time!


Players learn to pursue lacrosse with the LOVE to PLAY attitude. Live, Love, Lax!


Provide players a year spot on a TEAM! 

  • Set Schedule: (practices, personal training, play days, scrimmages, clinics, and top tournaments).

  • Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring

Set Practice Locations: 

  • SCAA School 2-turf fields

  • Grizzly’s 2-turf fields

Fall 2021 Tournaments:

  • PrimeTime

  • Live Love Lax

  • Mid-Atlantic 

  • Chesapeake-Invitational

  • Presidents Cup-Texas (older teams)

Top Summer 2022 Tournaments:

  • Live Love Lax

  • Lax For the Cure

  • Mid- Atlantic 

  • G8

  • Capital City 

Top Coaches & Experienced College Players 

  • Extra Clinics and Showcases available to players in the club, Players and Parents receive all partnership access (KO17 app, Film from ConnectLax, Shake School Program)

Top Recruiting Support Provided to HS Players

  • ConnectLax

  • Tracy Wiener-Recruiting Talk

  • Blue Chip Showcase

  • Prime Time Showcase

  • Elite 100 Showcase

  • YJ Recruiting Book

  • College Bus Tours

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