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This team is designed for new players or for players who need more time to develop thier skills. Our coaches and trainers do an excellent job of meeting players at their individual skill level. Coaches take the time to teach players the proper skills and techniques needed to advance. Players are evaluated and a program is designed to help each player advance on track. Players will progress quickly using the programs we provide them. 



Amy Coffin, Eric Schmitz

 Assist Coaches:

Sydney Martin, Taylor Hamilton, Thea Work

We have small group training with individualized attention geared for players development. Coaches are experienced with helping youth players progress with strong form and skills. Practices are designed to build a STRONG foundation for players to gain strength and confidence in playing the game. 

  • Stickwork

  • Footwork

  • Defense

  • Attack

  • Midfield/Draw

  • Goalie/Training 



Register NOW!

  • Learn the skills to play the  game RIGHT! 

  • Experienced coaches who know how to make lacrosse FUN!

  • Start playing with us and end your HS career with us!

  • We take players from start to finish and offer the BEST recruiting resources. 

Something to be proud of is YJ has so many top professional players, D1 college coaches and current top D1 players who started and graduated from the Yellow Jackets System!


Better to be in the HIVE!

DEVOS -Pay as you go! 

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